NLP Courses

If you are curious to explore the correlations between the human brain and the human behaviour, NLP can give you a clear insight on that.

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Dynamic Equilibrium System offers an extensive variety of corporate training services including trainings, therapy and more.

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Here you can find the program of all upcoming trainings, events and activities of Dynamic Equilibrium. Stay tuned!

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Mind Reengineering

Gives an insight on how to reengineer a system’s psychology and attributes, namely individual or group needs and interactions.

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Dynamic Equilibrium System offers exclusive certifications for Greece from INLPTA, mBIT and Center for Body Language.

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Upcoming Trainings & Events


  • Teta Karambini
    The instructor has extensive experience which is apparent in the first minutes of the trainings which gave him the ability to share and communicate hands …
  • Μ.Ε.
    The instructor was proficient in his area of expertise. His training was fully elaborated by everyday examples. He managed to share knowledge lively with passion!
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