Madeleine Allen

“Integrity, passion, skill and empathy are the qualities that Nick exudes. His enthusiasm drives like an ocean wave; it could drown you, but instead he hands you a surf-board and encourages you to ride the wave with him. He is a buoyancy aid in stormy waters, and encourages you to discover the hidden beauties in deep waters. His magical metaphors inspire and challenge in a way that gets the best out of everyone around him. Prepare to be changed by the experience of working with Nick – it’s exhilarating! “


The instructor was proficient in his area of expertise. His training was fully elaborated by everyday examples. He managed to share knowledge lively with passion!

Alika Argyropoulou

Right tonality, effective movement, charismatic lecturing, excellent knowledge are some elements that characterize Mr Nicolaos Fragkias training performance. In addition his interactive teaching illustrative by practical exercises are the elements to say that this was the best training I have attended till today.


The instructor has a deep knowledge of his area of expertise and has performed an unconventional yet rather effective way his training, promoting team bonding in an incomparable way.

Francis Peraschi

Amazing instructor, proficient in his area of expertise, experienced and charismatic in knowledge sharing!

Paraskevi Bloumpti

Man with desire to help those in need, sensitive, without any desire of self-assertion, giving all participants the stimulus to evolve.

Polyxeni Tsatsi

The extensive working experience of Mr Nikolaos Fragkias’ as a therapist and a trainer, was the main catalyst which served the purpose of this training. Detailed and illustrative in his teaching, one can even learn by his manners, speech, attitude, ethics and consistency to his beliefs and beyond.

Nasia Grapmi

His vast experience and knowledge has helped all participants to consolidate knowledge through the analysis of really challenging case studies.

Elina Politou

Charismatic teaching, abundance of knowledge, direct communication!

Sotiria Baka

Very interactive teaching, with the intention of exchanging views. An extraordinary experience!

Teta Karambini

The instructor has extensive experience which is apparent in the first minutes of the trainings which gave him the ability to share and communicate hands on practices and analyse even the most challenging case studies to the bone, making this seminar an amazing training experience.

Nikolia Zarra

The instructor has deep knowledge and a unique charismatic way to share it in his trainings.


Zoe Nitsiou

Direct in his communication! He has the knowledge background and he does not hesitate to share it with the trainees.

Mark Shraga

Nick Fragias is a walking intervention. I have rarely met a person so in rapport with the world around him. Authenticity is key to Nick’s contract with anyone he works with and it is clear that by expecting this of those he works with he tends to get it more often than not from them. Nick’s guidance is deeply intuitive and deeply considered, based on extensive academic study, research and rigour. If you are in his vicinity I recommend you get closer.

M.A. Managing Director at New Star Networks (NSN)

Efthalia Stergiopoulou

I had the chance to meet Nick Fragias during a training and I must confess that not only was it worth but also it was beyond the expectations of the attendees. Due to his versatility he is capable of combining different theoretical models with new technics and his experience of real life.

He has the ability to approach different human profiles and to identify areas of improvement as well as strong points for further development. His skill of providing guidelines in such a realist way enables the attendees to make the best use of it.

Nick Fragias is friendly by nature, which helps to warm unknown people and to create an interactive environment and therefore his seminars to have the desirable result.

I would like to attend more other seminars by Nick and I would recommend him with no hesitation to individuals or companies.

Christos Orfanos

Once you attend one of Mr Nicolaos Fragkias courses, it’s more than obvious that he and this is the reason why the result is impeccable.

Dimitrios Zanis

Extraordinary Instructor! He opened for me new horizons and has given me a new aspect in topics and subjects that so far I have been really sceptic.

Ioannis Grigoropoulos

Fully proficient in his object sharing knowledge in a very charismatic manner. In a word I would characterize him as the flesh of Communication.