International NLP Coaching Diploma For Business

Become a Certified NLP Business Coach

Be a part of the 1st International accredited course for Managers by Dynamic Equilibrium System and earn your Certification from International NLP Trainers Association


In today’s world being a successful manager requires not only business knowledge, but also coaching skills.

The traditional management culture –that puts emphasis in controlling others- vastly substituted by a new management culture, which aims at empowering others.

A great component of a new management culture is Coaching, which in essence is the communication that takes place between a Manager (Coach) and an Employee (Coachee).

The application of NLP techniques will give you a competitive edge in communicating effectively & effortlessly, deal with conflict and difficult people, and motivate and create a positive team atmosphere.

Key Benefits of the course:

  • Create a baseline of language in a managerial level.
  • Handle challenges in your role as a Manager and a Leader effectively.
  • Understand what Coaching is all about and How to apply Coaching skills that will turn you into an even more effective Manager.
  • Understand the importance of your role when communicating with others and what you can do to ensure fewer misunderstandings.
  • Learn How to link feedback, coaching, performance management and progressive discipline to ensure top performance and to deal effectively with under performers.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use the NLP to understand the different personality types and how to communicate effectively with each one of them.
  • Understand the concepts of coaching as a key leadership skill.
  • Apply NLP skills to deal with conflicts and difficult situations.
  • Use the NLP communication model to coach others
  • Gain the skills needed to master your Sensory Acuity
  • Agree on coaching plans with individual employees, and learn how to provide effective and ongoing feedback.
  • Delegate effectively to new and experienced employees
  • Apply the Leadership skills of NLP Coaching and Mentoring to improve and develop the work performance of your team.


In this experiential training, the training facilitator adopts a coaching and facilitative approach and engages participants to set the personal outcome.

Through the application of powerful NLP tools, the course will be taught in an interactive manner using lectures, lessons learned, practical examples, case studies, demonstrations, a personality self assessment and shared participants experiences from their work experience.

Take the opportunity to be a part of this learning experience of the 1st accredited certification for in house training delivered by Dynamic Equilibrium System and advance your career by earning a Certification that is Internationally recognized by the International NLP Trainers Association.

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