Clean Language

12. clean language

David Crove in 1980’s developed Clean Language methodology. This training program is about this methodology, which is used extensively in psychotherapy, coaching and lately in management with remarkable results. It elegantly helps clients to discover and develop symbols and metaphors to resolve traumatic memories or experiences. Clean language effectively combines the major elements of communication (syntax, wording, vocal qualities and non-verbals) in a very specific way that helps direct client’s attention away from increased awareness of the metaphorical representation of experience. In business Clean Language can make abstract ideas more tangible and can wrap up subtle information (including emotional information) into a more easily understood package.

Key benefits

  • Enhance your therapeutic and coaching skills
  • Acquire a pioneer management style
  • Help people convey their own meaning to achieve optimum business results
  • See subtle opportunities and make the most out of them

This training program will initiate a new communication that will assist attendees to be able to:

  • Explore one’s mind-set & limited beliefs
  • Treat patients effectively
  • Guide coaches in a subtle way
  • Proliferate conscious and unconscious methods of influence and persuasion
  • Help people open-up to new ideas and possibilities
  • Clarity and objectivity
  • Increase empathy

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