Advance Language Patterns

9.advance language paterns

This training program is designed to teach and demonstrate some of the most powerful linguistic patterns developed in NLP. This course can be considered a must for therapists, coaches, instructors, sales representatives, lawyers and all kinds of professionals that communication consist the main tool to achieve results. Words selection shapes the result of experience and can affect relations too. This area of expertise of NLP can be used to effectively gather information and creatively influence others.

Key benefits

  • Craft your communication skills to achieve goals
  • Change wording and help people see new possibilities for development
  • Become a better professional
  • Become an excellent user of the language
  • Create opportunities to lead the way

This program participants will be better able to:

  • Guide team-members, coaches, trainees etc. to achieve desired results
  • Develop new thinking patterns that can enhance personal & professional development
  • Help people open-up to new ideas and possibilities
  • Understand the way other people perceive reality
  • Motivate effectively team, trainees, coaches etc.

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