Customer Subjectivity

4.customer subjectivity

This course is designed to train executives on methodology and techniques that allow a better understanding and service delivery even to the most challenging customers. This training program aims to improve customer satisfaction metrics and create executives that serve Customer Excellence in their contact with any customer. The training uses a customer oriented approach emphasizing on the importance of communication and behaviour flexibility.

Key benefits

  • Learn how to handle even the most demanding & challenging customer
  • Establish a process leading to customer service excellence

With the completion of the training, participants will be able to better:

  • Understand the customer experience stages
  • Communicate with a demanding customer
  • Use voice tonality, language and body posture to communicate with the customer
  • Handle an argument and have a win-win result
  • Manage customer objections
  • Use cross-selling or upselling techniques while resolving an issue
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