The role of sales executives, nowadays, is demanding, entailing high commitment to company’s yearly goals and aiming in establishing long term effective relations with the company clientele. This training focuses on the communication used to sell products or services blended with customer satisfaction. Sales and service excellence techniques consist the platform of customer satisfaction, which is the key factor to a long term collaboration and strong relation build with any customer.

Key benefits

  • Learn how to recognize and understand customer needs
  • Identify customer perception and confront their limited beliefs
  • Operate communication barriers yet settle limits to clients demands
  • Adapt to customers communication
  • Establish an effective sales process allowing cross/up-selling

After this program completion trainees should be able to better:

  • Start a communication with a client
  • Communicate and adapt to different customer approaches
  • Listen to customer needs
  • Present the product/service in a way that is most appealing to the customer
  • Build relations based on mutual trust

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