The program provides participants with opportunities to work on their own current or upcoming negotiation.

The ability to positively influence and successfully negotiate desired outcomes while enriching long-term relationships is vital for achieving your organization’s potential. Sharpen your personal influencing and negotiation expertise. Deepen your understanding of the process used by experts.

This intensive business-focused course is for managers and professionals who want to master the powers practiced by the gifted negotiator.

Key Benefits

  • Develop a stronger negotiation base, helping you to improve the outcome of deals
  • Develop analytical tools and frameworks for understanding and winning in more sophisticated negotiations
  • Acquire hands-on practice enabling you to strengthen weak points and preparing you to return to work
  • Post-programme coaching that helps ensure you are applying the content and theory learnt on the programme

Participants will achieve more successful negotiation and influencing outcomes as they will be better able to:

  • Diagnose the underlying negotiation and influencing process
  • Understand what drives the other party
  • Identify and manage differences between how we negotiate and what we negotiate about
  • Use flexible styles intentionally
  • Manage the ‘atmospherics’
  • Employ a wider range of tactics to alter the balance of power
  • Obtain meaningful concessions
  • Break deadlocks creatively
  • Structure and use language to gain cooperation
  • Intentionally manage the sequence of the influencing process
  • Lock-in commitment to lasting agreements
  • Prepare more systematically to your advantage
  • Generate strategic options
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