Wyatt Woodsmall

Wyatt WoodsmallWyatt Woodsmall is the founder and President of Advanced Behavioral Modeling, Inc, a training and consulting firm committed to dramatically increasing the performance of organizations and individuals through the use of advanced behavioral and learning technologies. Wyatt is an expert modeler, business consultant and trainer.

He is known for his vast range of interests and for his ability to synthesize complex ideas into new and more powerful models. Wyatt has been instrumental in pioneering the concepts and applications of behavioral modeling technology in the public, business and athletic sectors. He is the co-creator of Advanced Behavioral Modeling (ABM) ™ which is a technology for capturing and transferring excellence. ABM™ is a synthesis of the NLP approach to modeling with ideas from artificial intelligence, cybernetic epistemology, systems science, values research, human typological analysis, accelerated learning and cognitive psychology.

Wyatt did modeling projects with the US Government in areas includingMorse Code reception, recruiting techniques, Hovercraft operations,pistol and rifle marksmanship, computer systems administration,knowledge engineers, and synthesis and creativity. In the privatesector he has worked with Polaroid, General Motors, MCI, and AveryDennison. He has been working for twelve years with the US OlympicDiving Team and coaches. ABM’s work contributed to the 6 U.S. medalswon at the 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006 Olympics in diving.  Other notablemodeling projects include modeling 50 successful entrepreneurs inYorkshire, United Kingdom and modeling the most successful salesmen inthe history of his industry in the world with 165 million in sales inone year.  With his wife Marilyne Wyatt modeling Michel Thomas whocould teach people to speak a language proficiently in five days.

In addition to modeling and consulting on performance enhancement,Wyatt conducts in-house management, leadership, supervision, values,creativity, sales,  negotiations and entrepreneurial trainings. He alsodoes public trainings in NLP and Advanced Behavioral Modeling. He hasconducted over 36 NLP Trainer’s Trainings in 12 countries on threecontinents. Wyatt has conducted basic and advanced NLP Trainings inover 25 countries on all five continents. He is the first person evercertified as a Master Trainer and as a Master Modeler. He is the pastPresident of IANLP (International Association for NLP) and an honorarymember of GANLP. He has a Ph. D. from Columbia University, and M.Div.From Union Theological Seminary and a B.S. in Physics from theUniversity of Virginia. Wyatt is generally recognized as the “TrainersTrainer” and as one of the most creative minds in NLP. He is theforemost modeler in the NLP community. He is the co-author of PeoplePattern Power: The Nine Keys to Business Success and of Time LineTherapy and the Basis of Personality and of over 50 published articleson NLP.  He is the co-author with his wife Marilyne of Michel Thomas:The Master Teacher.


Reb Veale

Reb VealeReb Veale – Reb is a registered INLPTA NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner,a professionally certified Mbit Trainer and Coach with qualifications in business psychology and coaching. Having been taught by Dr Susi Strang, Lisa Wake, Craig Wood, Wyatt Woodsmall, Tom McKay, Grant Soosalu, Marvin Oka and having learned much more besides from fellow students; Reb continues to learn every day from her own students and clients.

Following her degree, Reb gained experience in commercial management in the retail sector that later helped her to support managers after she moved into HR management. Once bitten by the people development bug, Reb studied to successfully gain a number of qualifications to underpin the use of her own intuition and is an original member of Gloucester CIPD’s Coaching Network. Reb is passionate about assisting clients flexibly to reveal their own solutions and resources to achieve their goals.


Andrew T. Austin

Primarily a clinician and therapist, Andrew T. Austin regularly teaches overseas including Trivandrum in South India, Warsaw in Poland, Boulder in Colorado, New York City, USA and Greece.

His therapeutic model of Integral Eye Movement Therapy has proven to be a treatment of choice amongst many therapeutic professionals and is taught internationally to therapists and coaches wishing to expand and develop their clinical practice.





Jeremy Lazarus

Jeremy LazarusJeremy Lazarus is an Executive Coach, a sports performance coach and a Certified Master Trainer of NLP, and originally trained as an accountant and corporate treasurer.

His clients include blue chips companies, SMEs, NHS and elite athletes, including the Great Britain pistol shooting team, English Premier League football coaches, an Iron-Man medallist and a cross-channel swimmer. One of his pistol-shooting coachees became the joint record holder for Commonwealth Games medals in July 2014. He is a guest lecturer at two UK universities, and has authored four best-selling books including ‘Ahead of the Games: How to Use Your Mind to Win in Sport’.

In 1999 he formed The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd, which specialises in the applications of NLP in business, coaching and sport. His previous jobs include roles in The City, management consultant for Ernst & Young, senior finance roles for Unigate plc and finance director for YO! Sushi. He is a former semi-professional footballer and a qualified Football Association coach.


Sue Knight

Sue Knight is an International Consultant and Master Trainer of NLP running and contributing to NLP certification programmes around the world in the UK, at her home in France, in India in Kerala in the winter months, in Doha and Istanbul and now in Greece! Sue is an Executive Coach and Corporate Consultant. She is author of the best-selling book ‘NLP at Work ‘ which is available in 28 different languages and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. This book is now also available on Kindle. Sue also works with companies such as The Academy for Chief Executives, Leaseplan (and recently coached a team of women here who crossed Baffin Island in the Arctic), CIPD, Transform People International, BrainoBrain in India and many small organisations. She also does one on one High Performance Coaching (also online via skype) and carries out many speaking engagements round the world. Provocative Coaching (Coaching with Humour) is one of the most popular topics she gets invited to present especially since Sue trained with Frank Farrelly the master of Provocative Therapy for 20 years.. You can read more about Sue’s work on and you can follow her on linkedin, twitter and facebook.

Vassia Manika

Vassia ManikaVassia is a Clinical Dietitian- Nutritionist (Harokopio University) for 13 years. Her passion about wellbeing made her come across Life & Wellness Coaching, bringing happiness, fulfillment, love and acceptance to her coachees. She comes across as an Accredited Professional Coach (APC) by C Ways Group, a certified ACC coach from the International Coach in process, a certified mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Professional Coach, a NLP Practitioner and a Micro Expressions & Body Language Practitioner by Dynamic Equilibrium System LTD.

Vassia is the first national Coach- Dietitian and she is the founder of the “Diet Coaching” practice, for individuals and groups who seek sustainable lifestyle changes, new healthy habitual behaviors and harmonious relationship with their inner self. Vassia’s unique working experience includes elite collaborations with Nutritional and Fitness Centers (luxury spas, boutique health and fitness clubs, health catering business). She has been a Food Marketing Specialist and Consultant for several years for a nutrition company and she has worked for National Television (ERT) as a Dietitian. She is a proud member of HDA (Hellenic Dietetic Association), INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association), EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council), ICF (International Coaching Federation) and IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association).

She embodies her wellness philosophy in her moto: “We are not human beings, we are human becomings. So, let’s be human well-becomings”.