Gestalt Coaching

28.gestalt coaching

Duration: 6 days

Dates: TBA

Facilitator: Demi Moraitou

Gestalt coaching offers a present-focused relational approach, central to which is the fundamental belief that “the group knows the best way of adjusting to their situation”.

By working to increase awareness through dialogue and creative experimentation, Gestalt therapists create the conditions for the corporate group’s journey to health. The program is designed for coaches, therapists and consultants that wish to introduce themselves in gestalt coaching.

The program combines theory and practice and is supervised by Mr. Nicolaos Fragkias, who intervenes, offers feedback and makes provocative comments throughout the training.

Key benefits

  • Learn an effective coaching methodology
  • Broaden your knowledge to experiential coaching

After completing this program participants will have a better knowledge on:

  • What is Gestalt?
  • Field theory
  • Phenomenology and dialogue
  • Ethics and values
  • Communication here and now
  • The creative adjustment
  • The gestalt cycle of experience
  • Dimensions of contact
  • The 6 ways to avoid contact
  • Unfinished business: The Zeigarnik effect
  • Resistances, interruptions, moderations to contact
  • The awareness continuum
  • The paradoxical theory of change
  • Transference, counter-transference and co-transference possibilities
  • The need organizes the field
  • Use of metaphor and fantasy
  • Intersubjectivity I am always embedded in my experience
  • Polarities and the top-dog / under-dog
  • Ethics and values in gestalt therapy and coaching
  • What is different in business?
  • Leadership and gestalt in practice

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