HR Combo II

25.HR combo II

Nearly all businesses today rely on the help of Human Resources professionals for hiring, employee training and discipline as well as the implementation of employee motivation programs. The training program “Tools for HR Professionals II”, is designed to provide HR executives with the needed “know-how” to apply strategy in HR and keep the heart of each organization motivated.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to set an HR Strategy
  • Build a compensation & benefits plan that keeps your employee happy
  • Adapt to any situation and handle all crises efficiently
  • Learn the use and application of psychometric tests

In this program attendees will have the chance to learn more on:

HR Strategy / HR Business Partner

  • Strategic HR Management
  • The Role of HR in the Organization
  • The HR division as Business Partner
  • Internal HR department or Outsourcing
  • The competitive advantage of a build in HR department

Compensation & Benefits

  • Corporate Rewards Policy
  • Connecting rewards with benefits according to job description
  • Evaluation of job holders
  • Exceptional rewards
  • Βudgeting labour costs
  • Productivity vs. Labour costs KPI’s

Crisis Management

  • Extraordinary events
  • Scenarios on how to face crises
  • Business Community Plan – BCP

Psychometric Tests

  • The use and importance of psychometric tools
  • Psychometric Tools: personality tests, skills tests
  • Psychometric tools and online evaluation

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