Sales with NLP

27.sales with nlp

Sales using NLP techniques is a different and very efficient approach. When you apply NLP in selling process you will increase customer satisfaction through better understanding of the customer’s needs. This inevitably leads to a strong relationship of trust and repeated collaboration with the customer. The approach enables you to ensure that you match your products or services to your customer’s precise needs and ensure that your customer is aware of how carefully you are attending to their needs. This way you manage to position yourself differently in the mind of the customer. You are no longer just another salesperson, you become a consultant they can trust and turn to for advice.

Key Benefits

  • Use rapport to set all needed conditions to develop a fruitful communication
  • Identify and overcome all inner barriers (personal or the customer’s)
  • Build confidence
  • Model and replicate winning approaches
  • Recognize prospects better than before and better than competition

Participants will be able to develop a new well promising and efficient selling approach as they will be able to:

  • Build a better and deeper communication than they used to
  • Use flexibility in their communication and adjust their communication style to their customer’s style
  • Listen to customer true needs and offer customized services/treatment
  • Prepare strategically for the desired results
  • Become the person the customer values as a consultant

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